Document Types

Create categories for each of the document types you require for your processes. You can then provide read/write or read-only access permissions to each operator group for each document type.

Create a New Document Type

Select Administration > Setup > Documents > Document Types. When the Manage Document Types window appears, click the New button in the toolbar.

A New Document Type will be created. Provide a Name for the new document type, then click the Save button in the toolbar.

Continue adding additional document types as required. You can edit the Name for a document type by returning to the Manage Document Types window, selecting the document type, and changing its Name.

Set Document Access Permissions

Specify which operator groups can access each document type. Select Administration > Security > Group Functions > Document Types. Select an operator group, then move selected Document Types from the Document Types list to the Read/Write list or the Read Only list by clicking on the arrow buttons between the lists. Repeat for each of the operator groups that need to be assigned access to documents.

Click Save in the toolbar to preserve the changes made.